Call for Proposals -Small Local Projects in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal

Proposals are invited by Embassy of Czech Republic from small local organisations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

1.Small Local Projects in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal: Small Local Projects (“SLPs”) are the development projects financed by the Government of the Czech Republic, identified by the Embassy and after the approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic also administrated by the Embassy. SLPs are carried out by local subjects or companies. Purpose of the projects is to support positive changes in the country. The projects are to be carried out by local subjects (educational, health, social, cultural, NGOs, cooperatives, administrative-territorial entities, local communities, etc.) for realization of small scale development activities. The scope of content might vary from equipment supply, development activities implementation, educational and training activities, capacity building etc. SLPs should also contribute to visibility of the Czech Republic and improve understanding of Czech Republic as a donor country. Small local project can be a part of bigger (e.g. international) project. ..Read More