YSR District (Kadapa District) NGOs

YSR District (Kadapa District) – Earlier Cuddapah or Kadapa district is now renamed as YSR district of NGOs. You will find list of NGOS of YSR District NGOs SERDS(SIDDAMREDDY EDUCATtrictIONAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIET Activities: EDUCATION, HEALTH, UNEMPLOYEMENT ETC.,Aim/Objective/Mission: ————————————————————————————–EDUCATIOIN, HEALTH UNEMPLOYEMENT, INCOME … More Info… Akshaya Charitable Trust (act) Activities: Social Services,Youth Programmes,SHG Financing,3rd … Read more

Chittoor District NGOs

Chittoor district NGOs – Chittoor district is, located in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh, is home to several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are working tirelessly to address various social, economic, and environmental issues in the region. These NGOs play a crucial role in bringing about positive change and improving the lives of the underprivileged … Read more

Anantpur NGOs Database

Are you looking for information about NGOs in Anantpur? Look no further than NGOportal.org, a comprehensive database that provides detailed information on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Anantpur and across India. NGOportal.org is a user-friendly platform that aims to connect NGOs, donors, and volunteers. It serves as a one-stop solution for individuals and organizations interested … Read more

Adilabad NGOs: Supporting Communities in Adilabad

Adilabad NGOs: Supporting Communities in Adilabad: NGOs play a vital role in addressing social issues and supporting communities in various parts of India. In the district of Adilabad, several NGOs have been working tirelessly to bring positive change and uplift the lives of the local population. Since we started the ngoportal website a long ago … Read more