Canada’s Commitment to Climate Finance for Developing Countries

Introduction climate change impact – Climate change and biodiversity loss do not respect borders and pose existential threats to all nations. These issues are catalysts for instability, conflict, starvation, and pandemics. The World Health Organization warns that climate change is affecting human lives and health in multiple ways, threatening the essential ingredients of good health … Read more

Supporting Local Initiatives: The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives – Armenia (2024)

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Introduction to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives The Embassy of Canada accredited to the Republic of Armenia is thrilled to announce the launch of its annual call for proposals for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) – Arnold Chan Initiative for Democracy in Armenia. This program is designed to support small-scale, high-impact projects … Read more

Robert Carr Fund Announces Open Request for Proposals (RFP) 2024

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Introduction to the RFP 2024 The Robert Carr Fund for Civil Society Networks is pleased to announce an open request for proposals (RFP) for the funding period 2025-2027. This RFP invites global and regional civil society networks, as well as consortia led by or serving inadequately served populations (ISPs), to apply for grants to support … Read more

Empowering Environmental Investigative Journalism: A Grant Programme Overview

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The Earth Investigations Programme, supported by Arcadia, is dedicated to advancing the field of environmental investigative journalism. This grant programme is designed to support activities and services that enhance the capacities of investigative journalists focusing on environmental issues. Organizations and institutions are invited to submit project proposals for collective development and skills-focused professional training or … Read more

Empowering Communities: The Work of SBI Foundation

Introduction to SBI Foundation The SBI Foundation (SBIF) was incorporated to bring all the CSR activities of the State Bank Group under one umbrella. The foundation aims to contribute significantly to uplifting the underprivileged sections of society. With a focus on rural development, healthcare, and disability, SBIF works tirelessly to make a positive impact on … Read more

World Forum for Democracy 2024: Embracing Diversity and Defeating Divides

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Introduction to the World Forum for Democracy 2024 The World Forum for Democracy is an annual gathering that brings together policy-makers, academics, activists, youth representatives, and democracy innovators at the Council of Europe headquarters in Strasbourg, France. The forum serves as a unique platform for political decision-makers and activists to debate solutions to key challenges … Read more

Supporting Change: Apply to the Britford Bridge Trust by September 2024

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About the Britford Bridge Trust The Britford Bridge Trust is a dedicated charity focused on making a significant impact in various critical areas. This trust aims to support the prevention or relief of poverty, the advancement of education, the advancement of health or the saving of lives, and the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage, … Read more

HCLTech Launches 10th Edition of HCLTech Grant India: A Platform for NGOs to Drive Sustainable Change

HCLTech Grant India: Empowering NGOs for a Decade Noida, India, May 14, 2024: HCLFoundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of global technology company HCLTech, has announced the launch of the 10th edition of HCLTech Grant India. This initiative aims to provide a platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to unleash their potential and create sustainable change … Read more

Empowering Change: The JustPax Fund’s Commitment to Justice

The Vision and Mission of the JustPax Fund The JustPax Fund stands as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformative change in the realms of gender, economic, and environmental justice. Its overarching vision is to create a world where justice prevails through the support of innovative solutions and the promotion of new paradigms. … Read more