Patagonia’s Commitment to Supporting Bold Environmental Actions

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Patagonia environmental support Patagonia environmental support – Patagonia is dedicated to supporting environmental organizations that propose bold, direct-action agendas and demonstrate a long-term commitment to change. Our approach emphasizes addressing the root causes of environmental crises, with a dual focus on protecting the environment and the communities that depend on it. By concentrating our efforts … Read more

Understanding the THT Seed Grant: Empowering Conservation Efforts in India

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Introduction to THT Seed Grant The THT Seed Grant, an initiative by The Habitats Trust (THT), aims to bridge critical gaps in conservation action within India, particularly focusing on lesser-known species and critical habitats. Recognizing the pressing need for conservation efforts that extend beyond well-known species, the grant provides financial support of up to INR … Read more

The THT Action Grant: Empowering Conservation Efforts for Lesser-Known Species and Habitats

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Overview and Objectives of the THT Action Grant The THT Action Grant serves as a pivotal financial aid initiative aimed at bolstering on-ground conservation projects that prioritize lesser-known species and habitats. Recognizing the urgent need for intervention in these often-overlooked areas, this grant is designed to empower both individuals and organizations dedicated to making a … Read more

SVRI Research Grant 2025: How to Apply and Key Information

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Overview of the SVRI Research Grant 2025 SVRI Research Grant: The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) is inviting applications for its 2025 research grant, targeting innovative studies aimed at preventing and responding to violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC) in low and middle-income countries. The SVRI Research Grant 2025 seeks to support … Read more

Chief of Party – GAINS (RFSA)- Kasai, Congo

Chief of Party – GAINS (RFSA)Programs Kasai, Congo (the Democratic Republic of) Chief of Party – GAINS (RFSA) – About Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps is powered by the belief that a better world is possible. To create a better world, we know our teams do their best work when they are diverse and every team … Read more

Co-ordinator Child Protection – Mali

Co-ordinator Child Protection – Mali Job Summary: International Medical Corps provides community-based child protection services to vulnerable populations, requiring a strategic and comprehensive approach to addressing child protection concerns. Date Needed By: 1/7/2024 The Co-ordinator Child Protection is responsible for oversight of multiple child protection programs, or a large program with multiple sites of operation. This … Read more

Senior Resilient Livelihoods Specialist

Senior Resilient Livelihoods Specialist Application deadline: 2024-06-14 Senior Resilient Livelihoods Specialist – ICIMOD is looking for an experienced individual who can work with our Action Area (AAC) on ‘Adapting and Transforming Livelihoods and Economies’ within our Strategic Group on Resilient Mountain Economies and Landscapes (SG2), to deliver high-quality and timely results related to the development … Read more

Business Development Director Africa – Shell Foundation

Location:Africa Shell Foundation (SF) is a UK-registered charity that aims to empower under-served populations in Africa and Asia with access to clean energy products and services.  A unique foundation on the global stage, SF uses grant, debt and equity funding to support commercially sustainable solutions at the intersection of inclusive growth and a clean energy … Read more

Together Women Rise Featured Grant Program Details

Featured Grant Program Details Together Women Rise supports capacity building, new programs, or expansion of existing programs through our featured grant program. We award at least 12 featured grants per calendar year, with each grant term lasting 24 months (2 years). The size of the featured grants ranges from $35,000 to $50,000, which is paid … Read more

THT Action Grant: Supporting Conservation Projects in India

THT Action Grant: Supporting Conservation Projects in India The THT Action Grant, with a total of 25,00,000 INR, aims to provide support to individuals and organizations engaged in on-ground conservation projects in India. This grant specifically focuses on lesser-known species and habitats that require immediate conservation intervention. Eligibility Criteria for Organizations Organizations applying for the … Read more