Apply Now: 2025 Conservation Grant Support for Elephant Conservation

gray elephant beside trees during daytime

Introduction to 2025 Conservation Grants Apply by 2 August 2024 We are excited to announce that we are now accepting proposals for the 2025 conservation grant support! This year’s application process is streamlined with a user-friendly web-based form. Applicants can start the application process here. Funding Focus Areas For 2025, we are interested in funding … Read more

Understanding the LIFE Clean Energy Transition Programme 2024

wind turbine surrounded by grass

Introduction to the LIFE Clean Energy Transition Programme Apply by 19 September 2024 The LIFE Clean Energy Transition (LIFE-2024-CET) is a call for action aimed at evaluating and improving the current EU ecodesign and energy labelling regulations. The programme’s objective is to better understand the real impacts of these regulations and develop test methods that … Read more

Unlocking Opportunities: Professional Development Grants for Environmental Journalism

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Introduction to Professional Development Grants The professional development grants for environmental journalism offer a unique opportunity for organizations to enhance their investigative reporting capabilities. These grants are designed to support enabling activities and services that promote collective development in the field of environmental journalism. Eligibility and Application Process Organizations, companies, and other incorporated legal entities … Read more

Minor Foundation for Major Challenges Grant Apply on Unifor Online Portal

Minor Foundation for Major Challenges Grant – Unifor Online Portal  Apply by 8th August 2024 Minor Foundation for Major Challenges Grant – Unifor Online Portal Submitting an application through the Unifor online portal involves several steps. Before you begin, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re applying as an organization rather than an individual. Additionally, confirm … Read more

Empowering Global Connectivity: The Internet Society Foundation’s BOLT Program

a cell phone tower on top of a roof

Introduction to the BOLT Program Apply by 6th August 2024 The Internet Society Foundation is taking a futurist approach to support the development of innovative methods, technologies, and infrastructure aimed at enhancing internet connectivity and access. The Building Opportunities/Leveraging Technologies (BOLT) grant program is a pivotal initiative designed to empower teams of creatives, technologists, researchers, … Read more

How to Apply for Cultural Emergency Response Grants: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Cultural Emergency Response Cultural Emergency Response (CER) is an emergency grant mechanism that provides quick and flexible support in immediate response to disaster or conflict. The primary aim is to rescue, stabilize, or evacuate heritage sites under threat to prevent further damage. This includes museums, monuments, archives, libraries, and collections. CER welcomes applications from … Read more

Empowering Youth Through the UEFA Foundation for Children

Introduction to the UEFA Foundation for Children The UEFA Foundation for Children is dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide. Each year, it issues a call for projects aimed at achieving its core objectives: enhancing health, education, access to sport, personal development, integration of minorities, and protection of children’s rights. Through these initiatives, the … Read more

How to Apply for the Agribusiness Challenge Fund by 22nd November 2024

green corn plant at daytime

Overview of the Agribusiness Challenge Fund The Agribusiness Challenge Fund is a unique opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agriculture sector to secure substantial financial support. Open from 18th March 2024 to 22nd November 2024, the fund aims to foster innovative and scalable agribusiness projects across 20 focus countries in Africa. SMEs … Read more

How to Apply for the Red Umbrella Fund by 26 October 2024

Introduction to the Red Umbrella Fund Red Umbrella Fund is a unique initiative that aims to support sex worker-led organizations and initiatives globally. As the first of its kind, the fund focuses on empowering sex workers by providing financial resources to enhance their rights and improve their living conditions. If you or your organization is … Read more

Bezos Earth Fund: Leveraging AI for Climate Action

Introduction to the Bezos Earth Fund Apply by 30 July 2024 The Bezos Earth Fund, established by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is a $10 billion commitment aimed at combating climate change. This fund is designed to support scientists, activists, NGOs, and organizations working towards sustainable practices and solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of climate … Read more