Join Us in the Conservation of Life

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At our organization, we are deeply committed to addressing environmental initiatives and humanitarian issues that affect our planet and its inhabitants. Together with our global partners, we strive to raise funds for projects that contribute to the betterment of all life. Our focus lies in supporting Indigenous communities, environmental initiatives, humanitarian causes, and clean water … Read more

The World Habitat Awards 2024: Recognizing Innovative and Sustainable Housing Solutions

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Deadlines 3 March 2024.  The World Habitat Awards, a collaboration between UN-Habitat and World Habitat, is calling for entries for its 2024 edition. This prestigious award aims to highlight exceptional projects and programs that provide innovative and sustainable housing solutions. Since its inception in 1985, the World Habitat Awards have recognized over 360 projects, each … Read more

The Steel Charitable Trust’s Rolling Grants Programme: Application Guidelines

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The Steel Charitable Trust’s rolling grants programme provides discretionary grants to organizations that demonstrate the potential to make a significant impact. This open application grant-making policy outlines the eligibility criteria and guidelines for applying for grants from the Trust. Applications are accepted throughout the year from all regions of the United Kingdom and are assessed … Read more

The Gadfly Project: In-Kind Grants for Software Initiatives

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The Gadfly Project is offering in-kind grants to organizations looking to implement software initiatives that can enhance their operations and expand their outreach. These grants aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging technology solutions. One key aspect of the grant application is to demonstrate how the proposed project will engage as many users and … Read more

The Rufford Foundation Small Grant: A Pathway to Nature Conservation Grant

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The Rufford Foundation offers a range of grants to support nature conservation projects around the world. These grants are provided through a staged funding process, consisting of five different types of grants. The first two stages of funding are the 1st and 2nd Rufford Small Grants, each offering up to £6,000 in funding. These grants … Read more

Mama Cash Resilience Fund: Supporting Collective Activism for Lasting Change

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Deadlines 17 March 2024 – Mama Cash, a global feminist fund, is currently accepting Letters of Interest (LOIs) from applicants who are not current grantee-partners. The submission period is from 19 February until 17 March 2024, closing at 11:59pm CET. To access the LOI format or find more information on how to apply for funding, … Read more

Funding Guidelines for WWF Nedbank Green Trust Projects

Deadlines 14 March 2024 – The WWF Nedbank Green Trust is dedicated to funding projects that make a catalytic contribution to environmental conservation. To ensure that your project is considered for funding, it is crucial to adhere to the funding guidelines set out by the trust. Before applying for funding, please read the Funding Guidelines … Read more

Faculty Research Grants: Supporting Innovative Research in Ras Al Khaimah

Deadlines 1 April 2024 – Faculty Research Grants offered by the Al Qasimi Foundation present an exciting opportunity for faculty members from recognized tertiary institutions worldwide. These grants aim to support faculty who wish to conduct field research in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah during the summer or a sabbatical period of up to … Read more

Al Qasimi Foundation Doctoral Research Grants: Empowering Scholars and Informing Policy in the UAE

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Deadline: 1 April 2024 – The Al Qasimi Foundation’s Doctoral Research Grants provide a unique opportunity for scholars from various disciplines and professional fields to contribute to policymaking in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These grants are available to PhD students of all nationalities, studying at accredited universities in the UAE or abroad. The primary … Read more

Al Qasimi Foundation Seed Grants: Funding for Applied Research and Initiatives

Deadline to Apply is 1 April 2024 ..The Al Qasimi Foundation’s Seed Grants offer start-up funding of up to 50,000 AED for individuals and organizations to conduct applied research or pilot initiatives outside the scope of the Doctoral and Faculty Research programs. These grants are open to applicants from the United Arab Emirates and overseas, … Read more