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With her age structure, India is one of the youngest countries in the world. The urban youth, aged 13-35 years, constitute 44.77% of the total urban population. Despite the growing economy and rapid globalization, a sizeable proportion of the population does not have access to basic human rights. Both UN-Habitat and NSF recognize the importance of health and employment as factors for development and the Indian chapter of the Urban Youth Fund opens its doors to organizations working with the urban youth on issues of access to health in addition to employment, access to affordable housing and secure land tenure, safer cities and youth participation in decision-making.

Background: The India Youth Fund is part of the Global Youth Fund by the UN-HABITAT Governing Council that has so far awarded grants to 67 projects led by young people from all over the world. Officially launched in November 2008, the Global Youth Fund was created to promote the poverty reduction aims of Millennium Development Goals and the Habitat Agenda for better, more sustainable and equitable towns and cities.

The Fund: With an annual budget of Rs. 8 Lacs/project/organization, the fund looks to provide not only financial support, but also training required for sustaining successful projects for maximum outreach.


To qualify for a grant, applicant organizations must:

India youth fund Be led by young people aged 15-32, and the projects must be based in cities or towns in India.

India youth fund A majority (>50%) of the management team should be within the above age limits.

India youth fund Applicant organizations must be legally registered for at least one (1) year by the relevant national, regional or local authority.

India youth fund Applicant organizations must involve girls and young women in decision-making at all levels of the organization. This includes senior management level and board.

India youth fund Applicant organizations that lack a valid registration certificate or bank account, but fulfill all other eligibility criteria, may apply in partnership with another organization that will serve as the facilitating organization.

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