Niwano Peace Foundation Grants for Grassroots and Social Activists – Gender Disparity, Child Poverty, Social Issues

Guidelines & application form

Applications for the activity grant will be accepted on and after September 22.
Application Period:September 22 to October 22 in this year. (no later than Japan time 23:59 October 22)
Application arrived before or after the period may not be accepted, and rejected.
Please refer “General Guidelines” and “Application guidelines” for details.

※Applying system is transferred to the electric on-line application form system.
※The on-line application form for the activity grant can be conducted only in a prescribed acceptance period.

  1. Eligible applicant
    For Niwano Peace Foundation Grants an application may be made by either an individual or an organization.
    Nationality is not a criterion for eligibility.
    Any group which has been in continuous existence for a reasonable length of time is
    eligible to apply, whether or not it is legally incorporated.

2.How to apply
For Niwano Peace Foundation Grants applicants are required to complete an online application form.
Please refer to “Instructions for the online application form” at the end of these
guidelines(Chapter 6)..
If you are having trouble filling out the online application form, please use the “File Version Application Form”.
Please refer to “Instructions for the File Version Application Form” at the end of these
guidelines (Chapter 7).
Applications will be accepted once a year, during the specified period only.

Start accepting September 22
Close accepting October 22 (no later than) (Japan time 22nd 23:59)

3.Procedure in detail
Procedures, from applying to selection, are as follows;

The final screening will be held by the screening committee at the end of January.

5.Announcement of result

NPF will inform about completion of the final selection to all applicants, by E-mail.
Please note that the above-said informing is not for inform the result of selection, such as selected or unselected, but for just inform the completion of the selection.
Every applicant required to check the website after received aforementioned notice.
Only about successful applicants, names and project name will be posted on the website, and then NPF will send grant notification and agreement letter to them
Please note that NPF is not respond to queries from applicant about the reasons of done selection in any case.

  1. Instruction for the on on-line application form below link

Grant guidelines

Apply Online

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