Steps to be taken while applying for Grants

When we apply for grants we need to ensure that all that is required by donor agencies are adhered to and all the supporting documents are attached to.

a) Some donor agencies may have a specified time period for applying for funds and others may have flexible time period. Here are some of the steps as to how to approach a donor agency for the first time.

b) Get some information about the funding agency either through your own contacts or through the official website of that agency. Check their funding priority issues and geographical areas

c) See if they have any specific time for applying for grants

d) See if they have any standard formats or guidelines for applying for grants

e) See if there is some information related to the contact person for your region

.f) Also see if they have any fund limits for a particular period say one year,two years or so


If you think that you meet the funding agency criteria and the funding agency supports the activities that you planned to take up, then

a) Send an introductory letter along with a brief note about your organization and its present activities.

b) Also mention the reasons for approaching the concerned funding agency

c) Also mention the names of the funding agencies,if your organization receives/received funds with activity details (short note).

d) Also mention about the legal status of your organisation

After receiving the above information, if you meet the funding criteria, the funding agency may ask you for more information or write to you if they do not wish to support because of their funding limitations for the year or for any other reasons.

If the funding agencies wish to support, they may plan to visit your area or they may ask you to prepare a concept note before their visit.


a) After receiving the ‘concept note’ they may ask for some clarifications or may like to visit the project area for appraisal or may ask you to submit a proposal, or they may express their inability to support giving reasons.


How to prepare a proposal: (see separate note in the Grants Menu)

Step-V Documents needs to be attached with the proposal: In most cases the donor agency may ask for specific documents to be attached. Otherwise the standard documents that needs to be attached are as follows:

a) Project Proposal

b) Budget (if you have included in the proposal itself, there is no need to attach separately.

c) Annual Reports – last two years or more as suggested by the donor agency

d) Consolidated Audit Statements last two years or so

e) Organisation’s Registration copy with bye-laws

f) FCRA Registration copy (for international donors)

g) Income Tax Registration Copy

h) PAN & TAN Nos (optional)

i) 80 G registration (optional)

j) Organogram

Any other information that the donor agency may ask you or you think useful for the donors.

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