CETPartnership Joint Call 2022

The CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 is the first annual co-funded call under the CETPartnership and is co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe Partnership scheme.

The call is organised as a 2-step-procedure: submission of a pre-proposal followed by an invite to submit a full proposal. Deadline for submitting a pre-proposal is 23 November 2022, 14:00 CET.

The CETPartnership aims to fund projects that develop applicative solutions and provide results for the clean energy transition. Most projects are expected to aim for solutions meeting medium to high technology readiness levels (TRL 6-8), combining technologies, marked related solutions and stakeholder involvement.

Cross-cutting dimensions, beyond technology and resources, need to be considered to ensure robust transition pathways that are driven by a multidisciplinary perspective. Dimensions include transition pathways, regulations, circularity, digitalisation as well as policy and social aspects.

The CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 is a 2 stages call structured around 11 Call modules. The Call modules describe specific topics and/or challenges that applicants shall address in their project proposal. Applicants must choose and apply to a specific call module when submitting their project proposal. Evaluation and ranking of the project proposals will be performed separately per Call module. All project proposals must be submitted through the CETPartnership Application Portal. No project proposal will be accepted after the submission deadline.

The call is open to participation from across the world. Applicants from third countries (neither EU Member States nor Countries Associated to Horizon Europe) are free to take part in CETPartnership calls. However, funding that can be applied for in this call is limited to non-EU/EEA applicants eligible for funding from either Associated Partners to the CETPartnership or Partners that have concluded a funding commitment with the CETPartnership.

Each project proposal must include at least three independent legal entities from at least three different countries participating in the CETPartnership Joint Call 2022, out of which at least two must be EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries. Consortia may consist of partners from organisations such as universities, companies, industry organisations, local/regional governments, research organisations and NGOs. Some Call modules specify additional requirements or restrictions regarding the types of partners to be included.

The total expected funding of the Joint Call 2022 is over 140 million Euro and consists of national/regional budgets and European Commission (EC) contribution, so-called top-up. National/regional Funding Partners will provide funding for entities based in their country/region while the EC contribution will be used to top-up project budgets where national/regional funding has been exhausted. The Funding Partners participating in the CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 allocate their budget either to the whole call or to the specific Call modules. Funding Partners allocating their budget to the whole call will dedicate their budget to the specific Call modules after the pre-proposal evaluation or after the full proposal evaluation.

For information about the funding agencies involved, funding budget, eligibility criteria, project requirements and submission procedure, please check the CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 Documents.

For further information visit: Joint Call 2022 | CETPartnership

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