Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning: Enhancing Global Collaboration in Education

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Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning: Enhancing Global Collaboration in Education The Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning programme is designed to support schools in linking with educational institutions around the world to engage in global curriculum projects. By fostering partnerships, this initiative aims to promote cross-cultural understanding, enhance teaching practices, and develop students’ global competencies. Programme … Read more

Global Innovation Fund: Funding Innovations to Improve Lives in Developing Countries

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What We Fund At Global Innovation Fund, we are dedicated to seeking out innovations that have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people living in poverty. We believe that innovation can come from anyone, anywhere, and we accept applications from any sector in any developing country. Who Can Apply We welcome applications … Read more

ASFARI Foundation Performance Excellence Grants in 2024

ASFARI Foundation Performance Excellence Grants in 2024 Following a strategic review, the ASFARI Foundation is refining its grantmaking model for 2024. The updated model aims to build on the existing strengths of the foundation’s grantmaking while adding a new level of depth and specificity to maximize the impact of the grant funding. Objectives of ASFARI … Read more

Pro-Wash and Scale Small Grants Program: Empowering Communities for Sustainable WASH Solutions

Call for Proposals: Pro-Wash and Scale Small Grants Program We are excited to announce the launch of our Pro-Wash and Scale Small Grants Program, which aims to support innovative projects that promote water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) initiatives. This program is open to individuals, organizations, and community groups who are actively working towards improving WASH … Read more

Strengthening Watershed Protection and Forest Cover in Burundi: Project bdi22002-10003

bdi22002-10003 – Strengthening the Capacity of Local Actors to Ensure Watershed Protection, Forest Cover Expansion, and the Establishment of Catchment Protection Areas The project bdi22002-10003 aims to strengthen the capacity of local actors in Burundi to ensure watershed protection, forest cover expansion, and the establishment of catchment protection areas. This initiative is essential for preserving … Read more

Call for Proposals: Small Grants 2024

Call for Proposals: Small Grants 2024 The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade is pleased to announce a call for proposals for small grants for the year 2024 in the Republic of Serbia. Small grants are an important instrument of the Slovak development cooperation, provided by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation through … Read more

The Advantages of Working with IUCN SOS

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Advantages of Working with IUCN SOS When IUCN SOS (Save Our Species) awards a grant to an organization, it marks the beginning of a special relationship. Throughout our shared journey, we provide continuous support to our grantees, while also adding value by sharing the impacts and lessons learned from their projects. By working with IUCN … Read more

The Marr-Munning Trust: Empowering Communities Through Charitable Giving

The Marr-Munning Trust: A Legacy of Charitable Giving The Marr-Munning Trust, founded in 1970 by Frank Harcourt-Munning and Sir Leslie Marr, is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting projects that provide overseas aid for the relief of poverty, suffering, and distress. Frank Harcourt-Munning, a philanthropist, had a lifelong commitment to charitable causes and had previously … Read more

Supporting Compassionate Healing: The Ronald W.Naito MD Foundation

Ronald W.Naito MD Foundation is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Dr. Ron Naito by supporting nonprofit organizations that are making a positive impact on our communities and the planet. Our focus is on strengthening, protecting, and transforming these areas through our funding initiatives. Grant Overview The Ronald W.Naito MD Foundation supports initiatives in the … Read more

International Foundation: Prioritizing Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Education, Environment, and Health

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International Foundation Priority Program Categories At the International Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration and taking a holistic approach to benefit entire regions. While we do award grants to organizations focused on specific categories, we prioritize partners who are committed to delivering positive and sustained results through a community-based approach. Agriculture We support … Read more