Digital Revolution Awards

Nominations are open now!

Do you know an amazing individual that’s making a difference within cloud technology? Someone that’s using tech to make the world a better place to live in. Or an innovative business that’s truly harnessing the power of the cloud?

Nominations for the 2023 Digital Revolution Awards are open now, giving you the chance to recognize those making a difference to the cloud community.

All we need is a short statement or video explaining what makes the person or individual stand out against their peers. You can find out more about our categories here before sending your nomination here, as well as reading this useful guide to writing the perfect entry. A full breakdown for nomination pricing and who is eligible for free/discounted entry is available on our Frequently Asked Questions.

And, for every nomination we receive this year, we’ll be planting a tree via our friends at Tree Nation!

Want to take a look at the questions before you click nominate? We’ve created a PDF with all the questions we ask in the form so you can plan ahead.

How to submit your Digital Revolution Awards nomination
Ready to submit your nomination and give someone in the cloud space a round of applause? Here’s what you’ll need to submit your Digital Revolution Awards nomination:

Your details and contact information
Your nominee’s details, including name, job title, company, contact information, social media profiles
Your reasons for nomination, including evidence like links, case studies, or video if applicable
Nominations should be a maximum of 400 words (we need those juicy details, although not so many that they fill a book!). That’s roughly six paragraphs (although we’re not counting them!), and you can include links to supporting evidence within that limit. You also can submit a short video outlining your nomination if that’s more your style!

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