Diversion Based Irrigation-2

  • For decades, Diversion Based Irrigation systems have been in use in those regions that have appropriate features as described above. These are known by different names in different parts of the country: Kul in Himachal Pradesh, Tar Bandh in Mahakoshal, Phad in Maharashtra, Dongs in north Assam, Zebo in Nagaland, Khadins in Rajasthan, Pukhar in Jhalawar areas of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Ahar Pyne in Kaimur plateau and adjacent areas of Jharkhand and South Bihar, etc. Some have been destroyed by an insensitive public administration, some have fallen into disrepair, some have dried up as the hills have become denuded and some have shrunk in size as social issues of managing them have become complex.

    The following components can be part of the project:

    Community mobilisation
    Infrastructure creation/repair
    Command area development
    Agriculture support

    The Jamsetji Tata Trust under the administration of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust launched a Programme on DBI in 2008 with an allocation of ` 1500.00 lakhs spread over three years. Further, in July 2011, this programme was boosted with an additional financial sanction of ` 3000.00 lakhs to implement and promote the programme.

    Interested NGOs, Research Institutions and Universities who are interested in availing support for this initiative can contact us at the following address:

    Biswanath Sinha,
    Senior Programme Officer,
    Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Allied Trusts,
    Eruchshaw Building, 5th Floor,
    249, DN Road, Mumbai-400001
    E-mail: bsinha@sdtatatrust.com
    Phone: 022-66657977

    Please note: Each proposal goes through a lengthy and comprehensive appraisal and evaluation process and inviting a proposal does not guarantee future support.

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