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What will be funded by FREE sTEM?
FREE STEM Fund – will invest in organisations and groups that are directly supporting and targeting the following participants:
​All girls and women, particularly those from underrepresented groups & minority communities, and transgender and non-binary people including but not limited to; black, indigenous, people of colour, LGBTIQ+, people with disabilities, sex workers, refugees, rural and marginalised urban communities, migrants or those who are stateless

​We anticipate a high number of applications to FREE, therefore we may decide to prioritise applications for funding. Therefore, priority will be given to underrepresented and traditionally excluded groups.

​Registered and unregistered* initiatives, groups, collectives, and organisations with a focus on the rights of girls, women, transgender and non-binary people can apply for the following amounts:

Up to €5,000

Up to €10,000*

Up to €20,000

Up to €35,000

Up to €50,000

​*Please note that if you are applying for funds larger than €10,000 and you are unregistered, you would need to name a registered organisation who can act as your fiscal sponsor. Please see the STEM FAQs for more information on what a fiscal sponsor is.

Eligibility criteria
​If groups meet all of the following criteria, they can apply for a grant:

Your organisation, collective, or group must consist of a minimum of 3 people.

Your organisation or group must align with the mission and vision of FREE STEM.

Your project proposal must focus on the target group, and include and align with at least one of the Thematic Parameters of FREE STEM.

Your organisation or group must have at least 60% of women, transgender or non-binary people in leadership positions. Priority will be given to women-led, transgender-led and non-binary-led organisations.

Your annual organisational income for 2021 must be a maximum of €150,000. Priority will be given to grassroots organisations.

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