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New and emerging technologies resulting from the thriving start-up ecosystem in India is providing breakthrough solutions to some of most critical challenges. This ecosystem needs to be harnessed for achieving the objectives of Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation 2.0 (AMRUT 2.0) i.e., ‘Water Secure Cities’ by developing innovative solutions and addressing complexities in the urban water and wastewater sector.

AMRUT 2.0 was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 01 October, 2021. Besides, providing central assistance for universal coverage in water supply in all statutory towns, upscaling coverage of sewerage and septage management in 500 AMRUT cities, rejuvenation of water bodies (including urban wetland) and creation of green spaces, AMRUT 2.0 also aims to encourage innovative solutions under Technology Sub-Mission. Mission envisages identification of innovative, proven and potential environment friendly technologies in the fields of water & used water treatment, distribution and water body rejuvenation. To achieve the envisioned goal, start- ups will be encouraged in urban water sector.

India Water Pitch-Pilot-Scale Start-up Challenge
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Govt. of India and MyGov, invites applications/ proposals from interested/ eligible start-ups to provide innovative technological & business solutions to address challenges in the urban water sector in India. MoHUA has already selected 76 start-ups in its 1st round of challenge. Now this challenge is being launched as a STATUP GATEWAY which will be a perpetual online platform-based city-startup partnership program. The challenge process will be conducted biannually, undertaken in a period of 6 months. The Start-ups shall nominate their solution for participation which shall be shortlisted post evaluation.

Aim:The challenge aims to encourage start-ups to “Pitch, Pilot-and scale” solutions to address challenges in the urban water sector. The objectives of the challenge are as follows:

Identify technological as well as business solutions/ innovations.
Endorse viable solutions that are suitable for different sizes, geographies, and class of cities.
Pilot test/ lab demonstration and handhold to scale the shortlisted technologies/solutions in select cities.
Bridge the gap between innovators/manufacturers and beneficiaries- i.e ULBs, citizens.
Creating an ecosystem of start-ups in the water sector.
Promotion of ‘Make in India’ initiative by promoting Indian origin startups and technological solutions.
Partnership with private sector, institutions, industry associations etc for implementation of solutions.

Thematic areas
The start-ups providing innovative technological/ business solution in the following areas, are eligible to participate:

Fresh water systems
Real-time spatio-temporal mapping of groundwater quality / surface water quality
Real-time spatio-temporal monitoring of water levels/volumes in aquifers and surface water bodies
Nature-based treatment systems for ground and surface waters with least water and carbon footprints
Innovative Rainwater harvesting systems
Atmospheric water recovery systems
Hydro informatics – use of water + data for
Better water management in preventing floods and droughts
Creating a positive impact on the health and economic prosperity of peri-urban communities or urban slums
Estimating virtual water in the production of goods and services and thereby enabling a fair price for water
Used water management
Better sewage and septage management including – On-site sanitation solution for slums
Technologies to maximise recycling of used water in industries
Innovative business models for trading in used water
Recovery of value from used water and creating a circular economy
Treatment technologies, especially for hilly regions
Urban Water Management
Decentralised circular economy solutions for communities connecting groundwater recharge, greywater management, sewage recycling and solid-waste management with real-time quality and quantity information
Decentralised water supply solutions to slums
Restoration and preservation of rivers, lakes, ponds, shallow aquifers
Urban flooding and storm water management
Mapping and Management of urban aquifer systems
Salinity ingress in urban settlements in coastal regions
Monitoring of water service delivery standards (quality, quantity & accessibility)
Water metering
Desalination with Control discharge / Reject water
Efficient flow Polymer/ Metal plumbing fixtures including taps without aerators
High recovery/efficiency RO systems
Retrofitting devices for conservation of water or wastage reduction
Innovative water supply solution for hilly areas
Agricultural Water Management
Reduction of water usage per ton of crop along with reduced use of energy, fertilisers and pesticides
AI-ML based systems that help farmer reduce their dependence on monsoons
Urban Sewerage Management
Better sewerage and septage management including – On-site sanitation solution for slums
Odourless, Waterless urinals
Water governance
Reduction of non-revenue water
Secure systems for 24X7 supply of potable water on tap
Fostering education and awareness on water
Targeting net zero water and net zero waste projects
Showcasing water and energy nexus
Sustainable solution for water packaging
Innovation in conventional taps and plumbing systems
Smart taps indicating water usage, wastage, recording efficiency, IOT enabled and connected to a central database for monitoring and improvement of performance

Eligibility criteria:All entities recognised as start-ups by Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). For details refer to
Start-up must be providing solutions in the aforementioned thematic areas.
How to participate in the Challenge
This Challenge is a continuous engagement platform where biannual process of shortlisting a batch of applicants will be undertaken as per the evaluation process mentioned in the subsequent section. The current round on STATUP GATEWAY is being opened up from 11:00 hours on 9th September,2022 to 17:30 hours on 9th December, 2022.

India Water Pitch-Pilot-Scale Start-up Challenge will be available for application at
The participants can register for the challenge using any valid email-id. Once registration request is made by the applicant, an email will be sent to the registered email -id acknowledging their registration and providing details of the participation process.
The registered applicant can upload proposal by choosing ‘Participate’ button.

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