Grant from the City of Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture


Applying for a Grant from the City of Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture

The Commission on Arts and Culture invites proposals from organizations to support local arts and cultural events, projects, and programs. Any non-profit organization or governmental/educational agency may apply. No individuals or businesses.


Funding Available: $30,000 to non-profit arts and cultural organizations.

Grant Writing Workshops: To assist in the effort to successfully complete our grant paperwork, two identical workshops will be held at the Parks and Recreation Office at 1340 Gunnison Avenue (stone house in Lincoln Park). Workshops includes:

Workshops are held at the Parks and Recreation Office, 1340 Gunnison Ave.

Training dates are December 16, 2016 at 2:00-3:00pm OR January11, 2017 at 4:00-5:00pm. Please only register for one.

The Commission is interested in how each project or cultural event impacts jobs in the creative industry, for the local non-profit arts and cultural community and local working artists of all types – performing, visual, literary, and historical/heritage.

This grant program, as with most grant programs, helps provide employment, sales, or performance opportunities for working artists and those who work for cultural non-profits by supporting a broad range of community cultural events, exhibits, presentations, and projects. It is important to remember that the arts are an industry, and that the business of art, in all its many forms, is an essential economic element of our community.

Applicants may submit their application by mail or hand deliver it to the Parks and Recreation office in Lincoln Park, 1340 Gunnison Avenue (faxes or emails are not allowed). Please follow the instructions and read the guidelines and criteria carefully.

Submitting a grant application:To apply for a grant, click on the links below. Save and fill out the grant application fillable forms and follow the guidelines and instructions carefully.

Criteria and Goals

Arts Commission Grant Application (open in internet explorer for savable format)
Grant Application Check List
Board Members Form
Project Budget Form
Sample Budget Form
You may send questions through the Contact Us web page.

Deadline for grant applications is Feb. 3, 2017 by 12:00pm.

Final Report for grants received

All organizations receiving grants from the Arts Commission must present their final report to the Arts Commission at a scheduled meeting within 60 days of completion. You will have 5 minutes to creatively capture the essence of your event/project/program and turn in your written report. Download, save (by clicking on the link below), and fill out the final report form (a fillable form). Failure to complete this requirement makes an organization ineligible to apply for Art Commission grant funding for two years.

For detailed information visit source:

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