ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Aid Program

ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Aid Program

The Humanitarian Committee is now accepting applications for 2023 for ISTAT Foundation Humanitarian Aid Program. The deadline to submit applications is Monday, 7 August 2023. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application no later than Wednesday, 11 October 2023. Through the Humanitarian Aid Program, the ISTAT Foundation seeks to provide up to US$10,000 in grant funding for humanitarian organizations that use the power of aviation to help save lives, promote human welfare and alleviate suffering

Core Criteria: Organizations registered as a charitable, nongovernmental entity focusing on aviation-related humanitarian prevention, relief and/or recovery efforts for:

Natural disasters (drought, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.);
Human-generated disasters (conflict, social, industrial/transport accidents, etc.); or Health-related crises.

Other Considerations: This year, the Humanitarian Committee will prioritize aviation-related programs or projects (1) with a geographic focus in developing or under-resourced regions, (2) with innovations in Environmental Impact (ESG), or (3) in areas of urban mobility such as the “last-mile” provision in disaster relief.
* Organizations can only submit one application per year. Prior year recipients are able to apply in subsequent years.
* Umbrella organizations can only apply for a humanitarian aid grant if the proposed program or project is implemented by the umbrella organization itself.
* We do not fund capital infrastructure, for-profit projects, religious or political activities.
* As a point of reference, in 2021, the average humanitarian grant was valued above US$7,000.
Application materials must be submitted in English.
For more information please contact ISTAT Foundation Headquarters.

Apply at the link below: