Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions: For each position an organisation needs to prepare a written job description. These Job Descriptions needs to be reviewed from time to time. This is needed because at the time of recruitment you may have prepared the JDs as per your project requirement. While implementing the project at times when you do the review of the project, you may find that the staff may be doing some or none of the tasks as per the JDs – this may be due to the changes in the project activities, shortage of number of staff or any other reasons.

Also when you do the periodic staff reviews (see separate article) you need to use the JD for review and after the review you may wish to continue with the existing JD or modify it as per the requirement after the review.
These Job Descriptions needs to be attached alongwith the staff contract letter and both the Line Manager and the staff concerned needs to sign the JD also alongwith the contract letter.

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