Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions: For each position an organisation needs to prepare a written job description. These Job Descriptions needs to be reviewed from time to time. This is needed because at the time of recruitment you may have prepared the JDs as per your project requirement. While implementing the project at times when you do the … Read more

Cost to Company (CTC)

Unless one is fully familiar with the terms, we often wonder what the terms refers to.  Once such term is Cost to Company (CTC) When a Company/organization calculate the total expenditure they incur for a staff member for a particular year/period they take into consideration not just the salary but also various other components alongwith the … Read more

Team Building Games

You may have noticed that when a training or workshop is conducted for an organisation to do the team building exercises, most of the time the team building  games are used. Outdoor games are also practiced where you will have sufficient space around the place where you are conducting the Team Building Workshop. In a … Read more

When an Organisation Needs Team Building Process

How to know when an organisation needs Team Building Process: Now a days we see that most of the organisations give importance for team building process as it bring value, productivity to the organisation. However, still some organisations are not aware of or even if they know, do not give much importance to the team building … Read more

Principles of Team Building

Principles of Team Building : As we know that the purpose of team building is to lead a team effectively. To lead a team effectively, we first need to establish our leadership with each team member. How do we establish leadership – we need to establish leadership by understanding and building relationship of trust and loyalty … Read more

Team Building

Let us understand Team Building – Now a days we see that most of the organizations give high priority for team building. When we talk about team building we need to understand what it does mean – To successfully run an organisation, it needs to have staff – who are the members of a team. … Read more

HR Values-2

Understanding HR Values contd… • Promote the rationale for, need for, and desired organizational impact of the process • Make certain your reporting staff members understand the importance of their participation in the process • Assure that every member of your reporting group is signed up for and attends a session • Answer questions and … Read more

HR Values

Understand  HR Values In every work place values exists. An organizations culture demonstrate the values of an organisation. However, it is important for us to find out whether the values that exist in an organisation creating the workplace that you desire. We need to analyse whether these values are promoting culture of extraordinary customer care … Read more