Program Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator in Laos: Apply by June 18, 2024

Role and Responsibilities of the PMER Coordinator

The Program Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator (PMER) in Laos is instrumental in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of MCC Laos projects. This role demands a meticulous approach to comprehensive planning, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on various projects. The PMER Coordinator works in close collaboration with MCC personnel, project managers, and diverse stakeholders to achieve these objectives.

One of the primary responsibilities of the PMER Coordinator is to build the capacity of MCC personnel and partners, thereby promoting sustainability. This involves conducting training sessions, workshops, and field visits aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge required for effective program implementation. The coordinator also plays a crucial role in the integration of peacebuilding, gender empowerment, and child protection into all aspects of MCC’s programs. These integrations are essential for fostering an inclusive and equitable environment within the communities served by MCC Laos.

In addition to capacity building, the PMER Coordinator focuses on increasing coordination between and within projects. By sharing expertise, training materials, and PMER resources, the coordinator ensures that all projects benefit from a consolidated pool of knowledge, ultimately enhancing the overall impact on the community. This holistic approach is particularly significant in addressing complex issues such as peacebuilding among youth, land rights, village-level conflict resolution, and disability inclusion.

The current projects under the purview of the PMER Coordinator cover a wide range of focus areas. For example, peacebuilding initiatives aim to engage youth in constructive dialogue and conflict resolution practices, while land rights projects work towards securing equitable access to land for marginalized groups. Village-level conflict resolution efforts seek to mediate and resolve disputes at the grassroots level, ensuring community harmony. Disability inclusion projects strive to integrate individuals with disabilities into mainstream societal activities, promoting their rights and well-being.

The PMER Coordinator’s role in supporting these initiatives is multifaceted. It includes not only monitoring and evaluating project outcomes but also advocating for best practices and innovative approaches that can drive positive change. By maintaining a strategic focus on these critical areas, the PMER Coordinator significantly contributes to the overarching goals of MCC Laos, ensuring that each project delivers meaningful and sustainable results.

Qualifications and Application Process

The role of Program Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator in Laos requires a robust set of qualifications to ensure effective program coordination and evaluation. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in project management, development, social sciences, or a related field. Additionally, a minimum of three years’ experience in program coordination or in planning, monitoring, and evaluation is essential. Proficiency with databases, spreadsheets, and other computer programs is required, as these tools are integral to the role’s responsibilities. Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills are also imperative for success.

Intercultural competency is critical, as the position involves working across cultural and linguistic boundaries. The ability to travel to rural field offices is another key requirement, ensuring the coordinator can effectively oversee and support field activities. Preferred qualifications include prior experience with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and expertise in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, aligning with MCC’s mission and values.

MCC is deeply committed to diversity and equal employment opportunities. The organization values a personal Christian faith, active church membership, and a commitment to biblical nonviolent peacemaking among its core values. Therefore, applicants should be able to demonstrate alignment with these principles in their professional and personal lives.

To apply for this position, candidates must submit a comprehensive application by the deadline of June 18, 2024. The application process will involve submitting a resume, a cover letter detailing relevant experience and qualifications, and references. A successful criminal background check is also required as part of the application process. Detailed instructions for application submission can be found on MCC’s official website or through their human resources department.

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