CHILD PROTECTION & MHPSS PROGRAM MANAGER – Ukraine :Following more than two years of conflict that shows little to no signs of abatement, there are an estimated 3.4 million children in need. Daily attacks against civilian infrastructure, and as a result of  experiencing the direct impact of war – including witnessing destruction, violence and death – means children and their caregivers are in need of urgent protection assistance. To this end, SC provide an integrated response that is child-focused, and work directly and through local partners, as well as in close coordination with the local authorities. 

The CP and MHPSS PM will be part of the Programme Operations team in South Ukraine, and will lead the sectoral planning, implementation, monitoring/reporting and sustainable transition, in line with Save the Children’s Project management methodology. The PM is responsible for implementing a high quality, effective and efficient integrated CP & MHPSS response through strong coordination across sectors and departments. The PM will work closely with the Programme Development and Quality team, including relevant Technical Advisors and MEAL team, in order to ensure technical standards are met and interventions are grounded in Save the Children’s common approaches. Alongside direct implementation, the PM oversees all CP and MHPSS projects implemented through local partners. The comprehensive CP & MHPSS portfolio includes static and mobile psychosocial support for children and adolescents, UXO and mine risk education, and positive parenting—with a cross-cutting focus on gender equality. SC and partners are key actors in provision of  child protection case management and the integratation of cash assistance in  to achieve protection outcomes. Additionally, SC is working to advance family-based alternative care and contribute to de-institutionalisation efforts, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection. 


Programme Management

  • Support the HoP in Scenario planning and trend analysis to capture the pressing needs of vulnerable children and families in the area of operation. Identify and support opportunities for CP & MHPSS assessments, in close coordination with partners and per security/access approvals, to inform responsive program design. 
  • Work with the Child Protection & MHPSS Coordinators   and partners, to develop Partner Agreement documents such as budget, narrative and logframe
  • Lead kick off process for all new awards, including developingdetailed implementation plan and procurement plan, as well as ensuring HR planning is on track with existing team succession planning and recruitments for new roles
  • Track budget utilisation with clear spending plans and PR trackers
  • Ensure timely project implementation based on planned milestones.
  • Monitor, guide and supervise the field teams and partners in day to day project implementation informed by conflict sensitivity and following a needs based apparoach. 
  • Prepare timely program and donor reports on project activities in compliance with internal Save the Children requirements and any relevant external donor requirements.
  • Review partner monthly financial, narrative reports and Indicator Performance Tracking Tables, and ensure that adaptive planning is followed in order to meet project objectives. 
  • Work closely with Awards and Partnership team during kick off, implementation, and close out stages to ensure compliance requirements are met. 
  • Act as the overall budget holder for all active grants/awards, and actively empower Coordinators to manage certain budget lines.
  • Work closely with HoP and other PMs in order to ensure an area based approach is followed, with clear synergies among activities within CP and other sectors. 
  • Work with the Finance department to prepare financial and budgeting requests and ensure the timely planning and reporting of expenditure for projects. 
  • Lead on master budget phasing at the area level for all CP and MHPSS awards
  • Support fundraising, including the development of high quality concept notes and proposals, and engagement with technical advisors.
  • Work with Education, Shelter/ NFI, FSL/ CVA, WASH PMs in order to ensure CP and MHPSS is integrated in all sectors, along with a cross-cutting focus on gender and adolescents/youth. 
  • Provide support to field and Program operations and management as needed, including acting as HoP when requested

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