Request for Proposals for Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

The GBVF Response Fund is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) actively involved in initiatives aligned with the Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) National Strategic Plan (NSP). This RFP, known as RFP2, aims to encourage a diverse range of organizations to participate in the ongoing efforts to combat GBVF in alignment with the NSP.

The GBVF Response Fund recognizes the crucial role that CBOs play in addressing and preventing gender-based violence and femicide in our communities. These organizations are at the forefront of implementing initiatives that promote gender equality, advocate for the rights of survivors, and provide support services to those affected by GBVF.

Through this RFP, the GBVF Response Fund aims to identify and support CBOs that have a proven track record of impactful work in the field of GBVF. Eligible CBOs are invited to submit their proposals through the online application portal available at

The proposals should clearly outline the organization’s objectives, activities, and expected outcomes in line with the GBVF NSP. The GBVF Response Fund encourages CBOs to propose innovative and sustainable initiatives that address the root causes of GBVF, empower survivors, and contribute to the overall reduction of violence against women and children.

Selected CBOs will have the opportunity to receive financial support from the GBVF Response Fund to implement their proposed initiatives. The funding will enable these organizations to scale up their efforts, strengthen their capacity, and make a significant impact in the fight against GBVF.

The GBVF Response Fund is committed to promoting collaboration and partnerships between CBOs, government entities, and other stakeholders to create a comprehensive and coordinated response to GBVF. Together, we can work towards a society free from gender-based violence and femicide.

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