The Dulverton Trust: Supporting Charities and CIOs

The Dulverton Trust, founded in 1949 by Sir Gilbert Alan Hamilton Wills, the 1st Lord Dulverton, is committed to providing much-needed support to thousands of charities. With over £120 million in grants made since its establishment, the Trust has played a significant role in helping organizations that meet its eligibility criteria.

The Trust’s funding priorities have evolved over the years, and it supports charities and Charitable Incorporated Organizations (CIOs) that align with its categories and score high on its prioritization criteria. While the Trust does not fund work primarily benefiting residents of London or Northern Ireland, it values the character of a charity as much as its delivery of work in priority areas.

To be considered for funding, charities must demonstrate agility and adaptability. The Trust prioritizes medium-sized charities with income between £200,000 and £3 million, as well as those that are independent and do not heavily rely on government or local authority contracts. National reach and a commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful work are also important factors in the selection process.

Grantees are expected to involve stakeholders in program design and utilize feedback alongside quantitative data to measure outcomes. A strong track record, effective governance, safeguarding practices, and sound financial management are also key considerations. Additionally, the Trust values charities that work effectively within the ecosystem and collaborate with other organizations.

Assessments and shortlisting are carried out by the Trust’s staff, who then present the most suitable appeals to the Board for final grant awards. The charities supported by the Dulverton Trust often work with children in receipt of Free School Meals or Pupil Premium funding, or in areas that rank within the 20% most deprived on the IMD scale.

For more information on the funding provided by the Dulverton Trust and its eligibility criteria, please visit their website at

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