Risk Management – 3

Capacity Building:

a) Identify and work with selected NGOs through intervention partners to uild real capacity that goes beyond project deadlines.
b) Ensure preparedness and code of conduct,of Internal systems
c) Ensure indicators are menaingful and responsible

a) Direct implementaton model
b) Restricted prorammes
c) Good HR Management
d) Deepknowledge of staff and suroundings
e) Standard security procedures
f) Maintain low visibility

At Partners level:

a) Due deligence procedures
b) Capacity buildin and mentority
c) Comprehensive project agreements


a) Strengthen Financial and procurement regulations
b) Anti fraud policies
c) Qualiy control of staff
d) Minimum cash in the field
e) Strict management of stock


a) Monitoring matrics for each project
b) post distribution monitoring
c) Third party monitoring
d) Feedback mechanisms
e) On the spot monitorin
f) Internal and external audit


a) feedback measures
b) Community participation
c) MoU with community
d) Setting up villae committees
e) Code of conduct

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