Internal Controls Cheque Safety

When we talk about internal controls, keeping cheques in a safe place is important so here we see some Internal Controls Cheque Safety a) Cheque should be prepared by a person and reviewed by another person before the same is sent for authorized signature alongwith required documentation. b) Ensure that all the cheques are stamped A/c … Read more

Internal Controls Cheque Deposit

Internal Controls Cheque Transactions-2 Cheque deposits: Ensure that as soon as you receive a cheque, you enter these in the books and deposit the same as soon as possible if the received amount is in order – preferably the same day or keep a day to deposit all the cheques – preferably two days in … Read more

Budget -3

V.Other things that need to look at while preparing a budget Once you have done the draft budget preparation, please also look at the following: · Check the formulas (if you are using a computer)· Check the number of units and the months etc.· Look at the previous years financial reports and see whether it … Read more

Budget -2

II. Staff : The other most important thing that we need to look at is the staff requirement for successful implementation of the project. We need to look at: a) How many programme staff required with specialization b) How many finance, admin staff are required c) How many members from the existing team give a … Read more

Payments By Cheque under FCRA

Payments by Cheque under FCRA Rs.20000/- or above Advisory to Associations Registered/granted Prior Permission under FCRA 2010 to incur expenditure of Rs.20000/- or above by Cheque. Download Official Document  source:

PAN Apply Online

To Apply for PAN Online go through the following: You can apply for PAN either through NSDL or UTITSL To apply on line for PAN through NSDL: To know Status of PAN applied through NSDL To apply on line for PAN through UTITSL:  To know Status of PAN applied through  UTITSL PAN Documents                    … Read more

Bank Reconciliation Statement – BRS

Bank Reconciliation is very important for organisations.    It gives an up-to-date picture of the Bank balances and whether that tallies with your books of accounts. Bank Reconciliation: We need to update organisation’s Bank Passbooks’ from time to time. At times there may be less transactions or no transactions and we tend to feel that … Read more

Risk Management – 3

Capacity Building: a) Identify and work with selected NGOs through intervention partners to uild real capacity that goes beyond project deadlines. b) Ensure preparedness and code of conduct,of Internal systems c) Ensure indicators are menaingful and responsible a) Direct implementaton model b) Restricted prorammes c) Good HR Management d) Deepknowledge of staff and suroundings e) … Read more