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The Sitaram Jindal Foundation (SJF), formerly known as S J Jindal Trust, established in 1969 is a charitable organization and one of the most sought after international NGOs in Bangalore with the humanitarian objective of serving the poor and downtrodden in various fields. True to the inspiring ideals and values of its Chief Architect & Founder, Dr. Sitaram Jindal, the Foundation has been promoting and providing basic needs of the people across various sections of the society in different fields including education, healthcare and rural development without discrimination of caste and creed and religion.

The foundation is one of the top NGOs in Bangalore and has setup several schools, colleges, hospitals and constructed many pathshalas (rural schools) apart from initiating and running many welfare schemes and vocational courses for the benefit of the poor and deprived. Besides awarding scholarships to more than 12000 students each year, the Foundation has been extending financial support to more than 500 charitable institutions annually to sustain their activities for over 46 years now.
The Foundation is an independent entity and is primarily a charity or NGO in Bangalore and has no political, religious or commercial affiliation. It serves humanity irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion. It does not take any financial help from government or other agencies.

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation, Jindal Aluminium Ltd., and various other related Societies/Trusts have been giving recurring and non-recurring donations to other charitable institutions having similar objectives, throughout the country for a long time. At present nearly 500 such institutions are getting recurring donations from the Foundation. Large non-recurring donations are given to various institutions for construction of hospitals, school buildings, acquiring medical equipments etc. At present the Foundation is giving donations to the extent of Rs.1.25 crores per annum to various charitable institutions.

Any (charitable) institution desirous of getting donation for furtherance of its charitable activities may obtain Questionaire from the Foundation or Click the button below to download the Form Online and submit the same duly completed with all relevant details. However it is necessary that an institution seeking donation from the Foundation has valid Recognition and possess Income tax Exemption Certificate given under section 80G or 35AC or 35(1)(ii) etc. of Income Tax Act

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation is a charitable organization in Bangalore and was started with the sole objective to help with the moral and social upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. The Foundation was envisioned by Dr. Sitaram Jindal and was instituted in 1969. This charitable trust in Bangalore has worked at setting up a number of educational institutions, NGOs, hospitals, (most notable is the world famous Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI), Bangalore) and has contributed towards infrastructure development in rural areas as well.

Being one of the most trusted charitable organizations/trusts in India, the Foundation has an independent functioning and doesn’t entertain any affiliations whether commercial, political or religious. With 46 years of service and having supported more than 500 charitable institutions in India, the Foundation also runs vocational courses for women and has been a champion for women empowerment.

What does SJF do?
Being a leading and well respected charity in Bangalore, SJF primarily focuses on the following areas:
Setting up hospitals and ensuring that basic healthcare facilities are available in rural areas
Scholarships in Education – helping deserving students with scholarships and subsidised education (almost 12000 students have benefitted from this so far).
Financing R&D efforts.
Helping and funding other international NGOs in Bangalore or anywhere in the country.
Donating books and organizing book donation camps, etc.
Setting up schools and colleges to make education available to all.
Fight against social evils and corruption.
Setting up charitable hospitals in Bangalore and financing the infrastructure costs for building hospitals.
The Foundation is also an NGO in Bangalore for empowerment of women and has helped the cause of women empowerment to a great extent by setting up schools, colleges and Universities for women. SJF also provides vocational training for women and is one of the most respected charity homes in Bangalore and has managed to help nearly 400 girls every year

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