The Audacious Project: Empowering Change-Makers to Make a Difference

At The Audacious Project, we believe that change-makers should have the opportunity to dream big and tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. That’s why we invite individuals, ages 18 and up, to apply on behalf of non-profits, NGOs, institutions, or collaborations between multiple entities.

We understand the frustration faced by social entrepreneurs who lack access to venture capital or stock markets. Pitching donors one-by-one can be an inefficient process that takes away from the actual work. That’s where The Audacious Project comes in.

We work with change-makers to shape their wildest ideas into viable multi-year plans ready for action. By removing the barriers associated with funding and exposure, we empower social entrepreneurs to take on the world’s biggest challenges in their own unique ways.

Once the ideas are ready, we present them to groups of donors at the annual TED Conference, inspiring supporters to come together and make these audacious ideas a reality.

We are currently accepting ideas survey submissions for our application cycle until March 15, 2024. If you miss the deadline, don’t worry – we will consider your submission in future application cycles.

So, what makes an idea audacious? We look for ideas that cover a wide range of issues, from global health and climate change to social justice and education. Your idea should capture a bold vision for tackling one of the world’s most urgent topics and offer significant, enduring impact.

We are particularly interested in ideas that challenge convention, bring a unique aspect or creative element, and have the potential to create transformative change for the greater good.

If you are a changemaker with a bold vision and a proven concept that aspires to create a better world, we encourage you to submit your idea to The Audacious Project. Together, let’s make a difference.

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