The Pushing Against Racism Fund: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Social Skateboarding Projects

Why Does This Fund Exist?

The existence of this fund is driven by the need for increased access to funds for social skateboarding projects worldwide, especially for smaller projects in low and middle income countries (LMICs) or marginalized communities. These projects often face significant challenges in securing financial support.

Furthermore, the nonprofit sector, including social skateboarding organizations, has been criticized for perpetuating institutional and structural racism. Many social skateboarding projects are led by individuals who are predominantly white, reflecting a wider trend in the nonprofit sector that has historically relied on unfair practices such as unpaid interns, volunteers, and centralizing positions of power in Western countries.

About the Fund

The Pushing Against Racism Fund aims to address these challenges by providing financial support to promote greater diversity and inclusion within the social skateboarding community. The fund will distribute a total of $15,000 USD in grants to support social skateboarding projects on six continents.

Each continent will have one project selected to receive $2,000, while an additional six smaller projects from around the world will receive $500 each. The funds will be granted to projects led by people of color or from disenfranchised communities, or to support initiatives that promote increased diversity and inclusion within social skateboarding.

The funded activities could include skate programs, events, or paid internships for youth from communities affected by racism. The ultimate goal of the fund is to direct more financial resources, exposure, and support towards fostering more diverse leadership within the social skateboarding community in the years to come. For more information click the link below

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