Transform: Creating Sustainable Change and Improving Lives

What the Fund Will Achieve

The Transform partnership between FCDO and Unilever aims to improve the health, livelihoods, environment, and wellbeing of households in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia by 2025. Through grant funding, the program supports a variety of entities, including start-ups, social enterprises, and research projects. Transform focuses on innovative, market-based solutions in priority areas such as water, sanitation, last-mile distribution, health, and financial inclusion. By learning from each other, Transform seeks to address urgent issues and increase its impact across Africa, Asia, and beyond. With a proven model and a combination of grant funding, business insight, on-the-ground experience, resources, and networks, Transform aims to create evidence and share it widely to help leaders solve global challenges. So far, the initiative has supported over 100 projects in 17 countries, providing solutions to persistent development challenges.

Getting Involved with Transform

You can get involved with Transform through the Transform Support Hub, an on-demand acceleration platform that scales sustainable and equitable business models of the future. Whether you are an impact enterprise, corporation, or individual, the Transform Support Hub offers education, pro bono consulting, and cross-sector connection building. Impact enterprises can benefit from connecting with pro bono experts, cost-saving guides, corporate sales opportunities, and follow-on funders. Professionals and corporate organizations can support impact enterprises with their skills, expertise, and network. Transform also offers social enterprises grant funding of up to £300,000, along with world-class business support from its partners. This support includes marketing, distribution, behavior change, product development, entrepreneurship, business modeling, and research.

Criteria for Partnership

Transform is looking to partner with businesses that are genuinely innovative, ready to test the scalability of their ideas, and deliver products or services that target the poorest households in priority countries. They seek partners with clear plans for future financial sustainability and the potential to reach scale by 2025. Transform is interested in collaborating with organizations that offer something specific to test and have inspiring leadership and in-country resources. Sharing learnings for the public good is also an important criterion for partnership. If you meet these criteria and want to make a positive impact, consider partnering with Transform to create sustainable change and improve lives.

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