Tutator Forward Grants

Tutator Forward Grants – If you are looking for an organisation who can support your software needs, then you can apply to Tutator Forward,which is an in-kind grant program for organizations that are working to make a positive impact on society or the environment. We work with the grantee organizations to understand their needs and requirements, and we develop a custom software solution that can help them to achieve their goals.

Nonprofit organizations and social enterprises dedicated to making a positive impact are welcome to participate in Tutator Forward.

One needs to register at the link below then apply for a project that will help your organisation. If your project is selected, Tutator will provide a fully customized software solution tailored to your specific needs. Team will analyze your requirements, design and develop the software, install it on your servers, provide user training, and offer six months of support to ensure your success.

Tutator Forward Grant will not give financial support but is an in-kind grant. Instead, we will work with grantees to develop a custom software solution for their social or environmental projects. The development of the software will be done at no cost for the grantees.

Last date to apply 4th December 2023 as mentioned in the website.

To apply and for more information visit:https://tutatorforward.com/applicants/


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