Value Statements

Value Statements are the statements that define the values of individuals working in an organisation.Value statements are developed from your values and define how people want to behave with each other in the organization. Your value statements provide a measuring device against which you evaluate all of your actions and behaviors. Your value statements give words and meaning to the values that you decide to live by daily.

Value statements are declarations about how the organization will value customers, suppliers, and the internal community. Value statements describe actions that are the living enactment of the fundamental values held by most individuals within the organization.

During the Value Alighment session discussions, the participant members discuss whether these highlighted values are existing in the organisation at the moment. If not, how and why they think these will be useful for the organisation. These values need to be described as to how they think that a particular value needs to be included in the organisation’s belief system and culture.

These will help to clarify:

  •  Expected behavior and actions to each other and customers or project partners
  • How decisions are made
  • What is important in the organisation.

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