HR Values

Understand  HR Values In every work place values exists. An organizations culture demonstrate the values of an organisation. However, it is important for us to find out whether the values that exist in an organisation creating the workplace that you desire. We need to analyse whether these values are promoting culture of extraordinary customer care by happy, motivated and productive people. If not we need to:

• Identify the existing values
• Determine whether these are the right values for your organisation
• Make changes in the actions and behaviours to ensure the values are demonstrated

Value Development Process:

We need to see how we can develop and articulate shared organisation values. These could be developed with the support of your staff. Some of these could be Mission statement, Vision, relationship guidelines, prioritized action plans and organizational goals.

Value Identification Process:

As mentioned above, this needs to be done by your own team. Set up a core team and discuss the power of shared values. These need to be discussed thoroughly and come to a consensus that these leaders are committed to creating a value-based workplace. Also need to define the roles of these core team members. In turn the core team needs to discuss and share the information with the reporting staff and gather their views. Plan brainstorming sessions with all staff irrespective of their position or department. This could be done by trained internal team or hire an external person or a company to do this. Before this takes place the core team need to:

• Share any written materials as well as the spirit and context of the executives’ values discussion with every individual in your reporting group

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