VocTech Activate Grant Fund

VocTech Activate Grant Fund: Apply Now for Vocational Learning Innovation
The VocTech Activate grant fund is currently open for applications, with a closing date of 31st January 2024. This fund, provided by Ufi, offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to test and develop innovative ideas that can solve vocational learning challenges. The purpose of the VocTech Activate fund is to support projects at an early stage, providing funding of between £30,000 and £60,000 for initiatives lasting up to 12 months. It serves as a test bed, allowing ideas to be prototyped and the next steps towards long-term success to be determined. To assist applicants in preparing their submissions, Ufi organizes a series of workshops that introduce the fund and provide guidance on the application process. Attending one of these workshops significantly increases the chances of success. Participants have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions with members of the Ufi team, enabling them to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the grant call. Feedback from previous workshop attendees has been positive, with participants expressing appreciation for the informative sessions and the clarity provided regarding Ufi’s funding priorities. The breakout sessions, in particular, have been highlighted as valuable, allowing participants to seek guidance on their specific project proposals. If you have an idea for vocational learning innovation, the VocTech Activate grant fund could be the support you need to bring your concept to life. Visit the Ufi website for more information and to access the application process. https://ufi.co.uk/grant-funding/voctech-activate/


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