Youth Climate Justice Fund

Youth Climate Justice Fund supports with core flexible funding to emerging youth climate justice collectives. Groups can apply for a grant of up to USD 10,000, which can be used for a period of 12 months. Last date to apply 24 September 2023.

What are the criteria for applying?

You should consider applying if:

Your group or collective is led by young people aged 35 years and below. In order to be eligible for a Youth Climate Justice Fund grant, the majority of your leadership must be young people or the individuals with decision making power should be aged 35 years and below.

Your group, network or collective is based in Africa; the Middle East; Asia-Pacific, South Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Central, and Eastern Europe.

You believe in and exhibit inclusive organizing, collective action and intersectional movement building.

Your group, network or collective is based in North America or Western Europe but is led by young people who are discriminated against and/or marginalised based on class, ethnicity, background, etc.

Non-partisan, non-violent, and legal movements.

We specifically look for groups who are:
Cultivating diverse leadership rooted in fair and equitable climate action with community power

Raising ambitions and commitments on climate & socio-environmental justice

Holding policymakers accountable to their promises and strengthening community power

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