Zimbabwe Biogas Open Call for Innovation (O-CFI) for Water and Energy for Food

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is inviting eligible organizations to participate in the Zimbabwe Biogas Open Call for Innovation (O-CFI) Water and Energy for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development (WE4F) Call for Innovations. This initiative aims to address barriers and promote the production of more food with efficient and sustainable usage of water and energy throughout the value chain, from farming to end-users. The ultimate goal is to enhance food security, gender equality, and poverty reduction in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The O-CFI outlines the program’s objectives and the types of activities it will fund. Individual awards are expected to range between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on the funding requested. Awardees are also expected to contribute matching funding, which can include in-kind contributions such as staff time, resources, or donations from their company to the project. The period of performance for individual awards is up to 1.5 years, and the actual duration will be determined at the time of award.

The WE4F Southern and Central Africa Regional Innovation Hub (S/CA RIH) will make efforts to distribute funding to awardees as quickly as possible. However, awardees should be prepared to commence activities immediately after signing the award, even if funding is delayed by one to two months. The disbursement of funds will be agreed upon with the awardees based on their budgets.

Awards made through this Open Call for Innovations may be in the form of grants or other appropriate instruments, depending on the nature of the submitting organization and at the discretion of the WE4F S/CA RIH and its partners.

To submit a concept note, please visit the provided surveymonkey.com. If your concept is deemed qualified by the WE4F Technical Evaluation Committee, you will be contacted for the Full Application Review.

Please note that concept notes will be accepted on a rolling basis. For more information and to apply, visit the WE4F website at https://we4f.org/apply-zw

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