AGCO Agriculture Foundation Grant

AGCO Agriculture Foundation Grant

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation Grant: is pleased to announce the opening of the application portal for the 2023 Call for Applications for Grant (CAG) under its focus pillar two: Advancement of quality education, research, and innovation in agriculture. The application portal will be open from 8:00am EST on 11th September 2023 until 5:00pm EST on 13th October 2023.

Agricultural education plays a crucial role in ensuring global food and nutrition security. At the AGCO Agriculture Foundation, we have been actively involved in projects that promote agricultural education, research, and innovation. For example, our Africa Agribusiness Qualification (AAQ) program in Kenya and South Africa has been successful in empowering farmers, equipping young people with agricultural skills, and promoting innovation in farming communities.

In line with our farmer-centric approach and impact-driven initiatives, we understand the importance of providing access to quality agricultural education and training programs. This Call for Grant Applications seeks proposals that aim to enhance the capacity of farmers, farming communities, youth, and women in agriculture. We are particularly interested in projects that focus on continuous improvement of farming practices, building resiliency, and improving profitability, all contributing to a food-secure world.

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation supports projects under three thematic areas: Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems, Agricultural Education and Innovation, and Community Development. This Call for Applications specifically falls under the Agricultural Education and Innovation pillar.

Funding Priority

We encourage project proposals that address the following areas:

Advancement of quality education in agriculture

Promotion of research and innovation in agriculture

Capacity building and skill development for farmers, youth and women

By funding projects that focus on these areas, we aim to contribute to the transformation of agriculture, enhance capacity building, and foster innovation in farming communities.

Application Process

To apply for the grant, please visit our website and access the application portal during the open period. Ensure that you submit your proposal by the deadline, as the application portal will be closed after 5:00pm EST on 13th October 2023.

The Foundation reserves the right to decline grant requests lesser or higher than the indicated amount. Requested grant funds must adhere to the Foundation’s funding guideline – 70% of grant funds go directly towards the actual project implementation and related project activities, while 30% are for administrative support. Following the funding guideline highlighted above is mandatory, as our reviewers will pay keen attention to it.

Eligibility: Non-profit organizations and public universities/educational institutions that are registered and recognized as charitable or non-profit organizations under the law are eligible to apply for grant funding. As part of the application process, applicants are expected to provide a certificate or proof of non-for-profit registration to be considered for a grant. For the
approval process, our Foundation may reach out for clarification and further
documentation on non-profit status if required. Submitted projects must address the focus pillar identified for this grant application. Additional notes, the Foundation does not award grants to activities or programs to benefit:

o Individual for profit organizations (hospitals, hospice programs, etc.)
o Political, religious-based, labor or fraternal organizations.
o Individuals and their personal fundraising efforts.
o Groups seeking education, travel or conventions.
o Sporting leagues, youth or adult sports teams, clubs, golf tournaments or
similar one-off events.
o Sales related, marketing, or customer requested fundraising campaigns.
o Schools (unless non-for-profit registered), school districts, individual
students, alumni associations, school or parent organizations and activities
o Organizations, individuals and their fundraising efforts for conferences,
summits, and webinars

We look forward to receiving innovative and impactful proposals that will help us create a food-secure world through quality education, research, and innovation in agriculture.

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