Overcoming SPS Constraints: Project Preparation Grants by STDF

Apply for STDF Project Preparation Grants : The Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) offers Project Preparation Grants (PPGs) to support developing countries in tackling the challenges they face in formulating their SPS needs into project proposals that can be funded by the STDF or other donors. With PPGs available for up to a maximum of US$50,000, the STDF aims to provide financial assistance to overcome constraints.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their PPG ideas with the STDF Secretariat before submitting their final proposals. By contacting the STDF Secretariat at STDFSecretariat@wto.org, applicants can receive guidance and support in refining their project concepts.

The PPG application process involves the STDF Secretariat preparing detailed terms of reference and a budget of up to US$50,000 for the approved proposals. This ensures that the planned activities can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

To be eligible for STDF funding, organizations must fall under one of the following categories: public sector entities, private sector entities, non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or STDF partners. The STDF encourages the collaboration of public and private sectors through public-private partnerships to implement projects and activities.

In order to apply, the completed application form and attachments should be submitted via email to stdf.funding@wto.org.

Specific SPS Problems and Their Impact

It is crucial to identify and describe the specific food safety, animal health, and plant health problems affecting the applicant’s country or region. Examples or evidence that highlight how these problems impact trade, including affected products and markets, should be provided. This information helps the STDF evaluate the severity of the problems and the potential impact of the proposed projects in addressing them.

Purpose of the PPG

The purpose of the PPG should be clearly explained, focusing on the specific objectives the applicant aims to achieve. PPGs can be utilized for various purposes, such as applying SPS-related capacity evaluation tools, conducting feasibility studies, or preparing project proposals for the STDF or other donors. Emphasizing the need for support in implementing international standards, guidelines, and recommendations, especially those related to food safety, plant health, and animal health, increases the chances of securing funding.

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