Baldwin Fellowship Eligibility

There are two different deadlines depending on whether you have previously received a Baldwin Fellowship:
New Applicants:  February 15th
Returning Applicants:  March 1st
Please Note:  If the deadline falls on a weekend, the application will be due the end of the next business day.
Baldwin Fellowship Eligibility:Only scholars with citizenship in a developing country are eligible.
The applicant must have a Home Sponsor who is a member of the institution where the applicant is affiliated in the home country, as well as a Host Sponsor who is a member of the institution which the candidate plans to pursue training. Should an award be made, the Host Sponsor must be willing to assume responsibility for overseeing the candidate’s training. Since the Baldwin Fellowship is intended to be a partnership between the candidate and both the Home and Host Institutions, it is expected that candidates will be offered support by these institutions in the form of financial assistance and, upon completion of training, employment in the home country.
Amount and Duration of Awards
Awards are limited to two years. The maximum award is limited to $15,000 per year.
Budgetary Guidelines
Baldwin Fellowships may be used to cover tuition, travel, living expenses, student fees, insurance, books, and other relevant categories of expenditure. Aid is not provided for family expenses or dependent support, salary and/or fringe benefits of the applicant, nor institutional overhead.
Second Year Baldwin Fellowship Renewals
Please click here for more information on second year Baldwin Fellowship renewals.
Application: The original completed formal application should reach the Foundation office by February 15th in order to be considered for funding in the following academic year, which begins in the Fall. A copy of the application must be sent to the Host Sponsor for his/her signature. Please instruct the Host Sponsor to forward this second signed copy to our office. Formal letters of support from both the Home and Host Sponsors must also reach the office by this deadline.
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