Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning: Enhancing Global Collaboration in Education

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Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning: Enhancing Global Collaboration in Education The Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning programme is designed to support schools in linking with educational institutions around the world to engage in global curriculum projects. By fostering partnerships, this initiative aims to promote cross-cultural understanding, enhance teaching practices, and develop students’ global competencies. Programme … Read more

The Marr-Munning Trust: Empowering Communities Through Charitable Giving

The Marr-Munning Trust: A Legacy of Charitable Giving The Marr-Munning Trust, founded in 1970 by Frank Harcourt-Munning and Sir Leslie Marr, is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting projects that provide overseas aid for the relief of poverty, suffering, and distress. Frank Harcourt-Munning, a philanthropist, had a lifelong commitment to charitable causes and had previously … Read more

International Foundation: Prioritizing Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Education, Environment, and Health

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International Foundation Priority Program Categories At the International Foundation, we believe in the power of collaboration and taking a holistic approach to benefit entire regions. While we do award grants to organizations focused on specific categories, we prioritize partners who are committed to delivering positive and sustained results through a community-based approach. Agriculture We support … Read more

Dovetail Impact Foundation: Investing in Human Flourishing

Dovetail Impact Foundation Dovetail Impact Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that are committed to promoting human flourishing. Our focus lies exclusively on organizations working in poverty alleviation, with a particular emphasis on four primary sectors: education, health, justice, and livelihoods. Dovetail Impact Foundation Principles When considering potential partnerships, The Foundation looks for three fundamental … Read more

Funding Opportunities for Practically Oriented Research Projects

Funding Opportunities for Practically Oriented Research ProjectsThe Laerdal Foundation offers funding opportunities for practically oriented research projects that align with its 2025 strategy. The Foundation particularly welcomes applications that focus on improving the efficiency of education or implementation, which are factors 2 and 3 of the Utstein Formula for Survival. Project support is available for … Read more

Chat for Women’s Livelihoods Accelerator

What to Expect from the Accelerator: Empowering Women through Conversational Technology: The Chat for Women’s Livelihoods Accelerator is an 18-month program designed to empower women in low-income countries economically. This program provides training, mentorship, and support to six social enterprises that are dedicated to empowering women. By leveraging conversational technology, such as WhatsApp chat services, … Read more

Crowder-Messersmith Fund: Supporting Global Nature Conservation

The Crowder-Messersmith Fund is a remarkable initiative that honors the contributions of Orville Crowder and Don and Sherry Messersmith in the field of nature tourism. This fund, in collaboration with Nature Forward, aims to provide seed money to small, local conservation and education projects in developing countries that have not received substantial support from other … Read more

Community Action Grants: Funding Opportunities for Education and Equity

Community Action Grants: Funding Opportunities for Education and Equity Community Action Grants: Are you passionate about promoting education and equity for women and girls? AAUW (American Association of University Women) is offering Community Action Grants to individuals, AAUW branches, AAUW state organizations, and community-based nonprofits. These grants provide funding for general operating support and innovative … Read more

Baldwin Fellowship Eligibility

There are two different deadlines depending on whether you have previously received a Baldwin Fellowship: New Applicants:  February 15th Returning Applicants:  March 1st Please Note:  If the deadline falls on a weekend, the application will be due the end of the next business day.   Baldwin Fellowship Eligibility:Only scholars with citizenship in a developing country … Read more