Call for Accelerating Catalyzing Solutions for Climate Change Impact on Agriculture in India

GIC (Grand Challenges India) Call for Accelerating Catalyzing Solutions for Climate Change Impact on Agriculture in India The GCI program has announced a call for proposals focused on addressing the impact of climate change on agriculture in India. Climate change has wide-ranging effects on Indian agriculture, including gradual shifts and extreme events, which are interconnected with food security, ecosystem services, and public health.

The aim of this call is to deliver short-term and long-term solutions that help the agriculture and food system adapt to climate change. The program also seeks to provide evidence to decision makers to incorporate climate resilient agriculture into agricultural policies.

The call invites innovative research and pilot projects that utilize transdisciplinary approaches to mitigate or reverse the detrimental effects of climate change on agriculture in India. Proposals should focus on the development of scientific and technological solutions, as well as action research enabled by innovation, technology development, or knowledge creation for evidence-based policy.

Preference will be given to locally led, scalable, and sustainable system-level innovations, as well as cross-cutting solutions that combine multiple scientific and engineering disciplines.

Eligible applicants include Indian nationals working within the country in established academic institutions, research institutions, agricultural research institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Global partners may be included, but proposals must demonstrate that at least 80% of the funding is allocated to an investigator working in India.

The program encourages national and global collaboration to improve the ability to compare and validate research findings, and to develop interventions and products that can have a greater impact at scale.

Applicants should carefully review the specific category they are applying under and be prepared to provide the required documentation if their proposal is selected for further financial due diligence.

This call is open to Indian academic scientists, researchers, Ph.D. students, Indian institutions, universities, public research organizations, and non-profit organizations supported by the government.

Last date to apply: 31st January 2024, 1600 hrs IST

For queries, please contact:

Mission Director, Grand Challenges India, Email: and or Senior Program Manager, Grand Challenges India, Email:

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