Concept Note 3

When formulating objectives, keep in mind that objectives should be


S Specific

M Measurable

A Achievable

R Realistic

T TimeboundEach objective should specify the QUANTITY of achievements (e.g., numbers of beneficiaries, area covered by project), and the QUALITY (e.g., poor farmers, marginal lands, drought-tolerant varieties). Objectives should also include an indication of TIME when the objective will be achieved (e.g., in January 2008, three years after the start of the project). Remember objectives are more achievable if quality, quantity and time are clarified.Step 2. Inputs (What do you need to achieve the objectives?)The inputs you will need to implement your project (i.e. achieve your objectives) may include:

people (researchers, broadcasters, and other partners’ staff-time)

travel costs (bus tickets, meals allowance)

vehicles (rental, petrol, driver’s time)

equipment (tools, office)

supplies (paper, seed, fertilizer, etc.)

services (phone, fax, e-mail, etc.)

facilities (radio station, offices, demonstration sites)

Some inputs may come from many different partners, e.g. farmer groups, individual farm families, other NGOs, international organizations, donor groups, government agencies, etc. Remember that all partners will also have travel, supplies, services and other input requirements.You will only need a list of inputs to prepare your budget. It does not appear in a section of the concept note UNLESS you have substantial inputs from another donor or the community. But you will need to brainstorm all costs and inputs to arrive at a realistic set of activities and budget.

Step 3. Activities and Duration (What will you do? How long will it take?)Describe (in summary only for a concept note) what you and your partners plan to do to achieve the project objectives. Remember that donors are mostly geared up to supporting projects of three years.Tips:

Be brief and clear

Be positive – use the future tense and the active voice

Do not use “we” (use “the project”)

Important note: in the full proposal each activities section sentence should explain who will do what, when, and how.

Step 4. Outputs (What will have been achieved at the end of the project?)The outputs of the project should be directly related to the project objectives. Outputs may include:

events, such as workshops or harvests

intangible things, like decisions

tangible things, like new buildings

information, perhaps in the form of publications or videos

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