Why Registration needed for an NGO

Why Registration needed for an NGO Why do you need to register your organization:  At village level or even in urban areas interested people wants to take up some development activities in the area where they live and also support activities in other areas too.   This is initially done with contributions from members and other … Read more

Governing Body or Executive Committee

Governing Body or Executive Committee Governing Body and Executive Body Meetings: Though organizations do constitute and have Executive Committee or Governing Body and General Body meetings, it is important that the following need to be kept in mind. Constitution of Governing or Executive Body(GB/EB)   Ensure that adequate women’s representation is there More than one member … Read more

Concept Note 5

Important note: Explain how you will measure the above. Impacts that can be quantified are the most impressive, and are more likely to sell your project to the donor. Step 6. Project Management (How will you achieve the objectives? How will the project be managed and evaluated?)The best objectives in the world can only achieve … Read more

Concept Note 4

Concept Note continue….. It is worth spending time with colleagues, partners, and friends brainstorming all the possible outputs, as well as those directly related to the objectives.Key outputs that are achieved during the life of the project may be useful milestones that you can refer to when writing the full proposal. Step 5. Beneficiaries and … Read more

Concept Note 3

When formulating objectives, keep in mind that objectives should be SMART!! S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T TimeboundEach objective should specify the QUANTITY of achievements (e.g., numbers of beneficiaries, area covered by project), and the QUALITY (e.g., poor farmers, marginal lands, drought-tolerant varieties). Objectives should also include an indication of TIME when … Read more

Concept Note

Before submitting a final proposal, donor agencies at times ask to submit a concept note to organisations who are interested to take up activities on the basis of the donor agencies criteria. Concept Note Definition: Concept Note A concept note is a BRIEF summary of a project. A concept note (or a concept paper, as … Read more