Budget -2

II. Staff : The other most important thing that we need to look at is the staff requirement for successful implementation of the project. We need to look at: a) How many programme staff required with specialization b) How many Continue reading Budget -2

Concept Note 4

Concept Note continue….. It is worth spending time with colleagues, partners, and friends brainstorming all the possible outputs, as well as those directly related to the objectives.Key outputs that are achieved during the life of the project may be useful Continue reading Concept Note 4

Concept Note 3

When formulating objectives, keep in mind that objectives should be SMART!! S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T TimeboundEach objective should specify the QUANTITY of achievements (e.g., numbers of beneficiaries, area covered by project), and the QUALITY (e.g., Continue reading Concept Note 3