Doria Feminist Fund: Empowering Feminist Groups in the MENA Region

About Doria Feminist Fund

Doria Feminist Fund is dedicated to ensuring that both new and established feminist groups in the MENA region have access to more and better funding. Our goal is to support these groups in their continued development, enabling them to articulate their own priorities and produce local knowledge.

Grant Making Programs

Through our grant making programs, we provide three types of funding:

  1. Core funds for emerging groups: We offer financial support to new and emerging feminist groups in the MENA region. This funding is designed to help these groups establish a strong foundation for their work.
  2. Project funds for established groups: We provide funding to established feminist groups in the MENA region who are looking to launch new projects. This support allows them to expand their impact and reach.
  3. Knowledge Production funds: We offer funding to feminist activists, groups, and engaged scholars to support their research and knowledge production efforts. This funding aims to amplify the voices and perspectives of local activists.

Eligibility and Priorities

Doria Feminist Fund invites feminist activists and movement builders to apply for our grants. We prioritize applications from:

  • New and emerging groups, individuals, and collectives in the MENA region.
  • Groups, individuals, and collectives who have never previously received funding.
  • Established groups, individuals, or collectives seeking funding to launch a new project.

In addition, we prioritize projects and applications led by women and trans groups, individuals, and collectives. Our aim is to support and empower marginalized voices within the feminist movement.

Countries: Algeria, Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Morocco, Somalia, Yemen.

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