Dovetail Impact Foundation: Investing in Human Flourishing

Dovetail Impact Foundation

Dovetail Impact Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that are committed to promoting human flourishing. Our focus lies exclusively on organizations working in poverty alleviation, with a particular emphasis on four primary sectors: education, health, justice, and livelihoods.

Dovetail Impact Foundation Principles

When considering potential partnerships, The Foundation looks for three fundamental principles in organizations:

  1. High Leverage: We seek organizations that can accomplish a significant impact with limited resources.
  2. Scalability: We prioritize organizations with the potential to positively influence millions of people.
  3. Sustainability: We value organizations whose models are not solely reliant on private philanthropy and can maintain their impact over time.


Grant applications are accepted by invitation only. However, we encourage interested organizations to introduce themselves by contacting us. Typically, we initiate partnerships with organizations whose operating budgets range between $500,000 and $5,000,000, providing general operating support.

In addition, the Foundation annually invites proposals from locally led organizations with annual budgets under $300,000. For more information on this opportunity, please visit our website.

Eligible Countries

We primarily focus our efforts in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, supporting organizations that operate within these regions.

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