Empowering Change: The JustPax Fund’s Commitment to Justice

The Vision and Mission of the JustPax Fund

The JustPax Fund stands as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformative change in the realms of gender, economic, and environmental justice. Its overarching vision is to create a world where justice prevails through the support of innovative solutions and the promotion of new paradigms. This vision is driven by a deep commitment to critical inquiry and awareness generation, ensuring that each project funded by JustPax not only addresses immediate issues but also fosters long-term systemic change.

The mission of the JustPax Fund is intricately aligned with the principles of the believer’s church tradition, which emphasizes justice, peace, and the inherent dignity of every human being. However, the Fund remains inclusive and open to proposals from various faith traditions and belief systems, recognizing that the pursuit of justice transcends religious and ideological boundaries. This inclusivity ensures a rich diversity of perspectives and approaches, enhancing the Fund’s ability to support a wide array of impactful projects.

Historically, the JustPax Fund has supported numerous initiatives that have made significant strides in their respective fields. From grassroots movements advocating for gender equality to economic programs aimed at alleviating poverty, and environmental projects striving to combat climate change, the Fund’s portfolio is a testament to its unwavering dedication to justice. By encouraging critical inquiry, the JustPax Fund aims to uncover the root causes of injustice and promote innovative solutions that can be replicated and scaled.

For those seeking inspiration or understanding of the Fund’s impact, reviewing previously funded initiatives provides valuable insights. These projects not only highlight the diverse ways in which justice can be pursued but also serve as a source of motivation for future applicants. The JustPax Fund’s commitment to justice is not just a mission statement; it is a dynamic and evolving effort to empower change and build a more equitable world.

When considering an application to the JustPax Fund, it is crucial to adhere to the established guidelines to maximize the potential for funding approval. The JustPax Fund is dedicated to supporting initiatives that align with its mission of promoting justice and equity, providing both financial and logistical support to individuals and organizations working towards these goals.

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review and understand the application process, which begins with submitting a detailed proposal. The proposal should clearly articulate the project’s objectives, methodologies, expected outcomes, and how these align with the JustPax Fund’s vision. A strong application will highlight the project’s potential to create substantive impact within the community it aims to serve.

Funding Priorities

The JustPax Fund evaluates proposals based on five key funding priorities:


This criterion assesses the project’s reach and the number of individuals or communities that will benefit. Proposals that demonstrate a broad scope of impact, addressing widespread issues with scalable solutions, are highly favored.

The Multiplier Effect

Projects that have the potential to create a ripple effect, where the initial investment can lead to further opportunities and benefits, are prioritized. For example, initiatives that empower communities to become self-sustaining or that can be replicated in other regions will be viewed positively.


Relevance pertains to how well the project addresses current and pressing issues of justice and equity. Successful proposals will clearly connect their objectives to the most urgent needs of the target population and demonstrate an understanding of the socio-economic context.


The commitment of the individuals or organizations behind the project is critical. Proposals should provide evidence of the team’s dedication, including past achievements, expertise, and a clear plan for sustained effort. This showcases the applicant’s ability to see the project through to fruition.

Stewardship and Impact of Investment

Finally, the effective use of funds is paramount. Applicants must detail a comprehensive budget and explain how each dollar will be utilized to maximize impact. Transparency and accountability in financial planning are essential to demonstrate responsible stewardship of the JustPax Fund’s resources.

By carefully addressing these criteria and providing a compelling narrative supported by data and strategic planning, applicants can strengthen their proposals and enhance their chances of securing support from the JustPax Fund.

For full details  visit https://justpaxfund.org/grants/application-guidelines/

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