HCLTech Launches 10th Edition of HCLTech Grant India: A Platform for NGOs to Drive Sustainable Change

HCLTech Grant India: Empowering NGOs for a Decade

Noida, India, May 14, 2024: HCLFoundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of global technology company HCLTech, has announced the launch of the 10th edition of HCLTech Grant India. This initiative aims to provide a platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to unleash their potential and create sustainable change in communities.

Funding and Focus Areas

The 10th edition of HCLTech Grant India will provide funding of ₹16.5 crore (~$2.2 million) to nine NGOs, selected by an esteemed jury. The grant focuses on pioneering projects in sustainable rural development across three crucial themes: environment, health, and education. This substantial funding aims to empower grassroots organizations to make a tangible difference in the lives of people across India.

Application Process and Deadlines

NGOs interested in applying can submit their applications on the official website, hclfoundation.org/hcltech-grant, by June 25, 2024. This grant signifies HCLTech’s commitment to supporting innovative and impactful initiatives. Nidhi Pundhir, Vice President of Global CSR at HCLTech, stated, “HCLTech Grant signifies our commitment to supporting grassroots organizations and empowering them to make a real difference in the lives of people across India. We look forward to reviewing the innovative projects by NGOs across India and supporting impactful initiatives through HCLTech Grant.”

Join the Movement for Sustainable Change

The HCLTech Grant India continues to be a beacon of support for NGOs dedicated to sustainable development. By providing significant funding and a platform for innovation, HCLTech is fostering a brighter future for rural communities in India. NGOs are encouraged to apply and become part of this transformative journey.


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