EOI for Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights Rwanda

EOI for Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights Rwanda- Health Development Initiative (HDI) is a Rwandan non-profit organization that envisions a society where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and well-being, regardless of their social, cultural, or economic status. HDI’s mission is to empower individuals, communities, and institutions to improve community health and development in Rwanda.

HDI focuses on three key areas: sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), human rights and the right to health, and community health and development. Their work includes addressing adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, contraception, safe abortion, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, gender equality, comprehensive sexuality education, human rights-based programming, social justice, accountability, inclusion, and leaving no one behind, as well as community health and development.

Established in 2005 by a group of Rwandan physicians, HDI was motivated to advance health and create a space that pursues inclusive development for disadvantaged communities. The organization strives to bridge the gap between communities and the healthcare system by promoting access to health and human rights, particularly in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

HDI’s work reaches vulnerable groups such as adolescents, young people, women and girls, GBV survivors, and women and girls seeking safe abortion. They also focus on specific marginalized groups including people living with HIV, LGBTQIA individuals, prisoners, sex workers, refugees, and historically marginalized communities.

With support from The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), HDI is implementing a 3-Year Partnership to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in Rwanda. As part of this partnership, HDI is allocating 25% of the funding from SIDA for sub-granting to local implementing partner organizations. These partners will expand work and engagement on SRHR and benefit from strengthened capacity building, joint gender tools and indicators, and collective organization around SRHR in Rwanda.

Key interventions under this partnership include conducting gender equality audits, strengthening workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, establishing or reviewing gender equity and equality policies, and strengthening partner capacities in disability-inclusive and gender-transformative programming. HDI will also provide sub-grants to selected implementing partners for projects/programs/interventions that contribute to the wider goal of advancing SRHR in Rwanda.

For more information and to express your interest in becoming a sub-grantee partner, please visit the HDI website at https://hdirwanda.org/call-for-expression-of-interest/

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