GTN Excellence in Coaching and Leadership (EXCL) Program 2024

GTN Excellence in Coaching and Leadership (EXCL) Program 2024

The Global Talent Network’s Excellence in Coaching and Leadership (EXCL) Program is designed for outstanding mathematics Olympiad coaches and past Olympiad participants. The program offers advanced training in problem solving and pedagogy to prepare participants for the International Math Olympiad 2024 (IMO). Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to be part of an excellent network of coaching leaders from around the world.

Program Details

The training will run from Saturday, May 4th, 2024, until June 29th, 2024, consisting of a total of seven sessions. These sessions will involve coach training in mathematics problem solving and pedagogy, with a specific focus on combinatorics.

Importance of Coaching

The foundation of a nation’s math program relies heavily on the quality of its coaches. The GTN Excellence Program aims to discover emerging talent in the mathematics Olympiad coaching space and bring together a cohort of coaching leaders who are shaping the future of math programs in their respective countries.


Applicants must have experience in coaching, training, or organizing mathematics competitions at the national, regional, or international level (e.g., IMO, APMO, PAMO, EGMO). This experience can come from work as a coach, training camps, or involvement in competitions as an observer, grader, coordinator, team leader, or deputy team leader. Additionally, applicants must be committed to participating in weekend training from May 4th, 2024, to June 29th, 2024, attending a total of seven sessions on Saturdays, and completing weekly assignments.

While applications from all regions are welcome, preference may be given to applicants from Africa and Asia.

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