How to Write a Concept Note

How to write Concept Note:  As we all are aware the importance of a concept note.  This will give an idea of what of sort of project proposal you are planning to prepare. This will give you an idea of what all should be in the concept not and how to write concept note.  Concept notes are an essential tool in the NGO sector as they help in outlining project ideas and securing funds for development initiatives. A well-written concept note can make all the difference in whether or not your project gets the attention it deserves. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of writing a concept note and provide you with a comprehensive overview of what it should include.

Introduction to how Write Concept Note

The introduction of you concept note should clearly state the problem or issue that your project aims to address. It should also provide a brief background of the organization and its mission.

Problem Statement to write Concept Note

In this section, you need to elaborate on the problem or issue in detail. Provide relevant statistics, data, and facts to support your claims. Clearly explain why this problem needs to be addressed and why your organization is best suited to tackle it.


Outline the specific objectives of your project. What do you hope to achieve? Make sure your objectives are measurable and realistic.


Describe the approach you will take to achieve your objectives. Highlight the key activities, strategies, and resources that will be required.

Expected Results

What are the expected outcomes of your project? Be specific and measurable. Clearly state how these results will contribute to the overall development goals.


Provide a detailed budget for your project. Include all the necessary expenses and justify each cost. Make sure your budget is realistic and feasible.


Explain how your project will be sustainable in the long run. Discuss potential partnerships, community involvement, and strategies for future funding.

By following these guidelines, you can create a compelling concept note that will capture the attention of potential funders and help you secure the necessary resources for your development initiatives.

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