MEAL Manager: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Implementation


The MEAL ManagerĀ  at DRC South Sudan position has a range of responsibilities, with a primary focus on monitoring and evaluation. This role is crucial in ensuring the successful implementation of projects and country programs.

Monitoring and Evaluation

One of the key responsibilities of the this position is to advise on all aspects of monitoring and evaluation. This includes designing and implementing projects and country programs. The Meal Manager will play a crucial role in ensuring that these initiatives are effectively monitored and evaluated, providing valuable insights and data for decision-making.

Project and Country Program Implementation

In addition to monitoring and evaluation, the l Manager is also responsible for advising on the overall implementation of projects and country programs. This involves working closely with stakeholders to ensure that goals and objectives are met, and that resources are effectively utilized. The person will provide guidance and support to project teams, helping to ensure the successful delivery of outcomes.


The Meal Manager position is a critical role within an organization, with responsibilities that encompass monitoring and evaluation, as well as project and country program implementation. By effectively fulfilling these responsibilities, the Meal Manager contributes to the overall success of initiatives, providing valuable insights and guidance along the way.

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