Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa translational agriculture Research Grant 2023

Applications are invited by Sree Padmavathi Venkateswara FoundationĀ  for translational agriculture Research Grant 2023: Special call for translational agriculture research. The last date to apply is 31 March 2023 and in the link given at the end full guidelines of this grant could be downloaded and accordingly if you are meeting the criteria, you can apply them and for any queries you can contact atĀ

Deadlines to Apply : 31 March 2023 Grant amount upto 50 lakhs; Grant Period 2 years

Applications for two year grants are invited from interested individuals and teams from recognized University, Government research institutes and not-for-profit research organizations.

The grant is envisaged as an enabler to deliver ready to deploy solutions for small and marginal farming community. The outcome of the research, while based on advanced scientific knowledge, shall be readily translated into fully sustainable solution featuring innovation, relevant to farming community, cost effective and easily accessible. The applicant shall emphasize on the immediate deployment of the technology or research solution to the benefit of farmers.

Possible focus areas, although not limited to, of the grant are listed below:
Crop management, Agronomy, Plant protection, Crop improvement, Novel variety/hybrid field trial, Food compositional analysis, Food safety study, Soil management, Water management, Organic farming, Sustainable agriculture, Precision farming, Seed processing and storage, Agriculture biotechnology, Artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture, Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture, Big data analytics, Farm machinery, Agro forestry, Solutions to prevent post-harvest losses.

Eligibility:Interested individuals and teams from recognized universities, R&D institutions and recognized non-profit research organizations in India are eligible to apply.
The proposals can be from single institution or multi-institutional. International collaborations are also eligible; however, the lead organization must be based in India and the funds are provided to only Indian side of the expenditure. In case of international collaborations, a strong justification must be provided as to why this collaboration is essential for the execution of the project, what value the collaboration will add to the proposal and why this work cannot be carried out in India. Any regulatory approvals needed from the Indian Government for the collaboration as well as material transfer etc need to be highlighted.
Since grants cannot be used for the salary of the investigators, the applicants should already have secured salaried job and space and support from the host Institution before applying.
The Principal Investigator should be below 50 years of age as on 31 st March, 2023.
Sree PVF grants are not intended to duplicate support available from Indian Government/other sources. Where applicants already received substantial funding for their core activities/similar work, they will only be eligible if they can demonstrate that the activity for which funding is sought is additional to the work for which they had already received funding from other sources.

Budget: The maximum budget for each grant is Rs 50 lakh. Grant will be disbursed in two tranches with each tranche no more than Rs. 25 lakh per year.
Eligible costs for funding are Capital expenditure (equipment); Manpower; Consumables; Travel (no international travel) and local hospitality; Contingency; Overheads; Field trials; safety studies; Outsourcing; others, such as training & awareness; workshops; publications; review meetings, etc. based on the requirement of the project.
Sree PVF offers flexibility to the applicant in how they wish to utilize the budget as long as the requested costs commensurate with the proposed research and are strongly justified.
However, salary for Investigators is not included in the grant. The host Institution is expected to provide salary and research support for the duration of the grant period.
Application Procedure and other details visit :Grant For Agriculture Research | .:: SREE PADMAVATHI VENKATESWARA FOUNDATION ::.

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